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Student Contract

                                                                      Science Class Contract



Participation: 20%

  • Notebook

  • Staying on Task

Classwork: 30%

  • Labs

  • Assignments

Tests/Projects/Lab Write-Ups: 50%

Cheating: copying from someone or the internet, of any sort, is considered cheating and will result in a 0 on that test or assignment.  If caught with a device out during a test, will be considered cheating and will result in a 0.

Tests & Quizzes:  Tests are to evaluate how well you have learned the subject and cheating of any sort is not allowed.  Also, you have the right to have it as quiet as possible through the entire test as well as the person who finishes the test last.  Therefore, if you talk to anyone except Mrs. Pacella, or are disruptive of any sort while someone else is taking a test, you will receive 50% off of what you would have originally gotten on the test.   

Make-Up Work: You have the amount of days you were absent plus one day to turn in Make-Up work.  Your assignment will be posted on my website calendar a week in advance.  You will always have access to the assignment there.  If you would like the hard copy, you will be responsible for picking it up from the basket on the back counter.  This policy does not include extra-curricular activities.  You are responsible for getting the assignments from Mrs. Pacella before you go, and turning them in immediately when you get back or on the due date.  If you miss a lab for any reason, it is your responsibility to get the notes from your lab partner and your lab write-up is due the same time as everyone else.

Unexcused Absences: Any unexcused absence will result in a zero for the day.  This includes tests and labs.  There is no chance of making this work up.

Late Work: Extended Policy

  • First Day after due date: 25% off

  • Second Day after due date: 50% off

  • Third Day after due date: 75% off

  • Fourth Day after due date: no credit!

Electronic Devices: Out of respect for Mrs. Pacella and the other students in class, you will not be allowed to use a cell phone in class or any other electronic device besides a chromebook, when necessary.  You may use a chromebook for a textbook and research only and if you violate this rule more than once, you will no longer be able to use your chromebook in class.   If you are caught using the cell phone or any other device in class Mrs. Pacella will take it away until after school for the first offense.  The second offense you will lose it for the day and will have to give it to Mrs. Pacella everyday until class is over. 

Laboratory Safety: We will be going over lab safety and procedures and a separate contract will be coming home for a signature in a few days.  It is important that each student perform lab procedures in a safe and responsible manner.  Labs are an enjoyable and exciting way of learning, but sometimes the work can be dangerous if it is not approached with maturity and respect.  So, safety rules will be read and learned before starting any laboratory work.  Failure to follow the rules in a lab will result in exclusion from the lab and a 0 grade.

Field Trips: If there is a class field trip, students will have to have a parent permission slip signed or a phone call from the parent.  Buses will be provided and everyone will be required to ride the bus.  If for any reason a student is unable to attend a field trip, they will be required to write a paper on the related subject.  Students must also be passing all of their classes in order to leave school for a field trip, these trips are a privilege, not a right!

_______________________________________ Tear Here___________________________________

Thank you for taking the time to go over these policies with your child.  Please sign below to verify that you understand the grading schemes and policies.  Please return this portion signed by Friday, September 11th.  If you have any questions feel free to call me at the school, 297-5700 or email me at apacella@teameureka.net.

I look forward to a great and exciting year of Science Inquiry with all the students!  Mrs. Pacella

I,________________________________________(please print) understand that science is very important in every walk of life that I might pursue after high school.  I know that having good scientific process skills will not only help me succeed in High School but also in everything that I do in the future.  I also understand that I must pass, with a D or better, at least 2 years of high school science in order to graduate and 4 years in order to go to college.  In order to do that I must pass ________________________________________ which I am currently enrolled in this year.  Knowing this, I vow to ask questions until I fully understand a subject before letting Mrs. Pacella go on to a new subject.

Signature_______________________________________________   Date_______________________

Parent/Gaurdian Signature:__________________________________Date_______________________

(Adapted from Larry Benson, 2018)