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Survival Science

     This elective course covers topics including GPS, compass skills, mapping skills and making maps.  Mammal tracking and their role in the ecosystem is also covered.  Students will also study Forest Ecology and how to maintain the forest properly for multipurpose use. Survival in all weather that one may encounter while on a Montana Mountain Adventure is also covered.This course utilizes the outdoor classroom setting as much as possible.  We will be taking field trips around the school as well as to the Mountains.  This class is project and lab-oriented.  The course focuses on our region of Montana.  This course is counted for a lab based science for college acceptance.   Some field trips (pending funding) are required for this class.

All notes and assignments will be attached on the calendar below about a week in advance.  If you are gone, click on the assignment tab and open the attachment.  You may print out a copy if you have access to a printer or you may write down the answers on a separate sheet of paper.  
Required Materials:
3 ring binder
colored pencils


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