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   The topics covered in this course include a deeper investigation of animals from insects to mammals on Earth.   A fetal pig dissection will be done to study the anatomy of mammals and to simulate an autopsy.  Detailed study of microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and protists and how they tie into both Zoology and Botany sciences, will also be included.  In addition, students will study botany (plant anatomy and physiology).  A wildflower collection will be required of each student.  Some emphasis will be placed on research and scientific writing.  This class does not take the place of biology. This class can be used to graduate with honors as well as be counted as a lab based science for college acceptance.

All notes and assignments are attached on the calendar below about a week in advance.  If you are gone, click on the assignment tab for that day and open the attachment.  You may print it, if you have access to a printer or you may write the answers down on a separate sheet of paper.  

Required Materials:
Three Ring Binder
Colored Pencils

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